In 1998 Heartmade was born as the creative brand of designer Julie Fagerholt.
              From the beginning Julie Fagerholt had a clear vision regarding the design philosophy and business strategy
              for the brand Heartmade, which was to unite haute couture's sophisticated non-compromising view on fit,
              detailing and quality with ready-to-wear's reproducibility and price.
              Today Julie Fagerholt Heartmade is known as the most exclusive of the Danish design brands.
              The designs are romantic, textual and refined, displaying unique fabrics and luxurious details such as
              exclusive French lace, high quality Italian fabrics, antique prints and exquisite embroidery.

  • Striped Coco jacket
    Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt

    Striped Coco jacket

    Regular Price: €439.00

    Sale price: €199.00

  • Silk Maple blouse
    Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt

    Silk Maple blouse

    Regular Price: €249.00

    Sale price: €125.00

  • Striped Halla dress
    Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt

    Striped Halla dress

    Regular Price: €239.00

    Sale price: €145.00